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The permanent solution to your tenant's plumbing pollution!

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Designed specifically to reduce plumbing costs and water consumption in rental properties

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Straining and draining perfection

Wondering how to prevent clogged drains?

Finally, there is a simple and permanent solution for eliminating clogged drains and expensive garbage disposals from your rental properties! The SemperScreen is the ONLY permanent sink strainer available that uses proprietary double-walled technology designed to save you time, money, and water!

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At home with the SemperScreen

We are committed to helping you eliminate clogged drains forever!

The SemperScreen Difference

A lucrative advantage for property owners and managers

  • Increase your net profit

    The SemperScreen is far more affordable and reliable than costly and finicky garbage disposals. With a constant rental rate, you'll see a greater return on your investment.

  • Save water

    By design, waste is diverted to the trash or compost, reducing the need to flush drains with copious amounts of water. It's easier on your wallet and the environment.

  • Safe for the home

    With no moving parts, and permanently seated in the sink, the SemperScreen is the safest way to keep your drains lines clean. 

  • Reduced plumbing costs

    The SemperScreen prevents drain clogging items from entering drain lines, helping you reduce plumbing costs.


"So simple, yet so effective. We can't install them fast enough. SemperScreen is good for California and even better for our bottom line!"

"Clogged drain lines in our apartment buildings are significantly reduced afer installing the SemperScreen®. This product pays for itself 5 times over with just the first blockage or repair it prevents. Very few products in the apartment industry have that kind of return."

"Our house has old drain lines buried below the concrete. We were constantly getting clogged pipes until we installed a SemperScreen®. Thanks to this product, we have probably already saved thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair."

"We installed a SemperScreen® in each of our units. Our tenants love saving money on water and I love not having to worry about broken garbage disposals or clogged drains anymore."