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Eliminating Clogged Drains

We have created the best stainless steel sink strainer to save you time and money while reducing excessive water consumption.

Here at SemperScreen®, we are a family owned business creating the highest quality sink screen on the market. As owners and managers of real estate in California, we have experienced first-hand, the enormous expense associated with clogged drains and other plumbing problems. At the same time, we see a need to reduce water consumption as water availability and rates become increasingly unpredictable.

Meet the SemperScreen® Sink Strainer

We invented the SemperScreen® sink strainer because we wanted a simple and high-quality solution for clogged drains that will reduce plumbing expenses and decrease water consumption.

The SemperScreen® started off as a private solution for our own properties, but it quickly proved its value to a larger market. We are now excited to offer this incredible product to those real estate owners, builders, managers, and tenants that want to save money and water with an excellent product backed by impeccable customer service. We take pride in what we do and look forward to serving your needs.

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SemperScreen close up in sink bowl