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The SemperScreen sink strainer is constructed from heavy duty and high quality stainless steel for durability and reliability. It is the only permanent sink screen on the market that uses proprietary double-walled technology. Built to handle the rigors of kitchen life in rental housing. Installers love it because the SemperScreen comes with a custom tube nut for 1-1/2-inch tailpiece drainage connections that allows for more thread contact than other strainers on the market.  The strainer assembly is designed for all rental units where the sink basin has a 3½" hole (this is standard size for kitchen sinks).  The trim ring has a brushed stainless steel finish and subtle laser etching.  The strainer screen is perforated and polished stainless steel for ease of cleaning and aesthetics.  Experience the hassle-free quality and beauty of SemperScreen craftsmanship all while saving time and money on your rental properties.  Say goodbye to clogged drains and garbage disposal maintenance by installing the SemperScreen today!

Single Screen Weight: 1 lb

Product Highlights

  • Double-Wall

    The SemperScreen is the ONLY permanent sink screen available that uses proprietary double-walled technology.

  • Stainless Steel

    Featuring a non-removable, high-grade, stainless steel, filtering screen.

  • ASME Approved

    SemperScreen® is approved for installation and has been tested per the standards of ASME A112.18.2-2011.

  • A Perfect Fit

    The SemperScreen® will fit in all kitchen sinks that come with standard 3.5" drain hole openings.